Encoding and Decoding (Week 2)

In this week’s readings, i learned about the Hall’s four stages of communication that are production. circulation, use( which he calls distribution or consumption) and reproduction.  All these parts work independently and simultaneously effecting each other. According to the Halls theory messages encoded in any picture has a complex structure of dominance which is then decoded by the receiver. In this ad the message will be decoded within seconds of watching it, because of the bookshelves on the men shoulders, rather than their heads and the tagline which says “read yourself interesting”. The most important part of this process is how your receivers/ viewers will decode the negotiated code, either they will decode it visually or by reading the tagline. People may have different thoughts about your message, they might interpret it something which the encoder might not have encoded, however by watching this ad an average person will get the idea of what this ad is trying to communicate. For me this ad perfectly lies within lines of the Hall’s theory.Image

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