Scopophilia in Cinema: This movie posters fits under the terms of scopophilia, entertaining the male gaze. The woman half nude, covering the lower part of her body with red silk cloth is usually used in cinema for sex appeal. The women has always been an eye candy for men, whether he is a viewer or the protagonist of the film. The use of word fire in the text refers to the above visual where the red silk cloth is covering the lower part of the woman body creating a sexual tension as well as pleasure and uplifting their sex drives. 



Similarly if we look at the above posters of the films, they havent shown any nudity but its the gesture which falls under the scopophilia, any men who would look at this poster would want to see the film and would feel seductive. The use of red lip color is same as the red silk cloth covering the female body in the 1st picture. Red color coated lips has always been a symbol of sex and seduction in media. Such images has been used in media to draw out the repressed sexual desires of the audience.

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