Jean Baudrillard Hyperreality and Simulation

In this essay Jean Baudrillard has discussed two things i.e the Hyperreality and the Simulation. If we talk about Hyperreality its is something that doesn’t exist. It may exist in our thoughts/ Films/ Ads etc but we cant expect it to happen in the real world. This is something that we always see in films like Matrix or The Tree of life, Avatar etc. Hyperreality used in our world of advertising to sell products is as follows e.g ;


In this ad the advertiser promises male (since its a male product) that by using AXE deodorant any nice girl would turn into a naughty girl and would date him. Isn’t it a state of hyperreality where by using just a deodorant the girl would do naughty things with a guy? Such kind of ads are constructing a perfect world in our thoughts and opinions and we are becoming to think that this might be true.

Similarly i have this film called “Never Let Me GO”  set in dystopian world in which human clones are created to donate their organs as young adults.


The story is about three best friends who are raised in a boarding school for future donors. They exist to grow hearts, kidneys, livers and other useful items, and then, sadly, to die after too much has been cut away. They live within a closed world whose value system takes pride in how often and successfully they have donated. They accept this. It is all they have ever known. After watching this movie it created a whole new thought inside my mind and i started to think that may be somewhere in this world Human clones are generated to donate organs like in the movie and i started to think that thats why may be science has been experimenting too much to create clones. It created a feeling of simulation within me in a way that i began to think that by doing such experiments science would be successful in making human race Immortal.

The other thing that he talks about is Simulation, its a process in which the perception or the reality of things being represented change into something else. Its like a replication/ reincarnation process. This process occurs when there is absence of reality and things are represented in a whole different manner. e.g  The virtual games where your enter into this whole new world and you think of it as a reality and play games as if you’re playing it for real and the simulation is so strong that they believe that there is no world outside .


5D is also the same experience where the audience/ viewer thinks that they are experiencing same as the characters in the film and everything that is happening in the film is real, they could smell, feel the touch, if its raining they can feel the rain, if there is loud explosion in the film they could feel the vibration through the sound. Image

This whole experience of hyperreality and simulation makes us feel that everything which is being represented in the films, games or ads are real, we try to build a world in our minds that is fictional/fantasy and this is the point where things start to mess up in our lives.

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