Andy Clarks “Natural Born Cyborgs”


In this essay “Natural Born Cyborgs” Andy Clarks talks about the Current situation of human beings. he has related the cyborgs with humans that how humans are like cyborgs are similar, human evolve with time and how technology has helped man to act on a faster pace. He discuses that due to technology these computerized Man machine hybrids life has just become easy and how they have helped the human race in each and every aspect of life.

Andy argues that these hybrids are although mentally and physically controlled and they act under a certain environment, which they are functioned upon but the whole idea beyond this is to monitor the human bodies under a natural environment. The best example that comes in my mind is how humans are kept in Rehabilitation centres, they are restrained from certain acts but yet they are given a very natural environment.

He further discusses that technology will evolve to the point where organs of human body will be kept well through cyber technology and will be replaced too. And if we take a look in our world today technology has taken over our lives so much that now science has created such machines which can be replaced by our body organs and are working successfully. It looks like that clark was aware of the fact that technology will make our lives worth living.  We cant deny the fact that the technology created by the mankind is surely for his own good.

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