Visual Digital Culture by Andrew Darley


Darley in his books talks about the new audio video Digital concepts (video games and animated cinema)  that has emerged and has influenced the esthetic theory of visual culture.  He argues that the computed games comprises of interactivity and immersion and such elements amazes the spectator or the audience and invites the viewer to engage and interact. this interaction and engagement gives the player the sense of ownership and power. He talks about the famous games genre which are shoot-em-up, sports simulation and beat-em-up etc. The best part of the games is that it takes the player to whole new fictional world while being physically present in the real world this experiences of human mind interacting within the game world is called game play. He says that the experience of games is the most pleasurable and is totally different from the experiencing a film. He talks about the doom games where one has to kill the antagonist (bad creatures) of the game, so to talk on that i have choose this above picture which is one of my favorite games. The game gave me a very  feeling of achievement, bliss and ofcourse ownership, all the time when i was playing the game i was happy that i am killing the bad monters out of this world and making decisions which door to open, when to take my life saving injections and when to hide, when to jump. Through the course of time the gaming world has achieved its status and mark through visual esthetics and the extraordinary graphics. In todays world games have now narratives as if the audience is watching a film, yet the game is interactive and the player choses to take the narrative forward and this process is so entertaining that it involves players are so much that they start to call themeselves with the names of the characters e.g i have this boy and in my class Osama and everyone calls him GC  (which is a game character) because he is so much into games and he loves being called GC.

However i wont agree with the andrew on the point where he says the images are taking control over the story/narrative of the games because a game is based on the interaction and immersion and engagement of the audience while experiencing an image is a totally different thing. The games gives the audience a feeling of exhaustion when the energy level falls of the character after being engaged for a long time but u never get exhausted while looking at images.

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